We Brought Back the 80’s at the Bentway!

We Brought Back the 80’s at the Bentway!

By Siona

On an unseasonably mild winter evening for January in Canada, the familiar sounds of blades scraping ice is audible in the crisp cool air. As I get closer, the base of tracks heard by most millennials heard in their childhoods or at any 80s themed event can be felt blaring through the speakers. On my way to the skate rentals, the smiles and giggles of friends and couples as they try their best to avoid falling (some more successfully than others) calls me to the ice.

As I pass the various seats to put on or remove your skates, I notice the source of the tunes from the “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack mixing with the iconic guitar riffs of Prince, are coming from a live DJ under a canary yellow tent. Two curious and attentive onlookers observe as he masterfully transitions between the tracks. This is the UforChange Turn It Out DJ workshop with alumni DJ Ork at the Bentway.

UforChange has partnered with The Bentway to host free, live and interactive workshops to introduce DJing to the masses. You can learn how to DJ from 6:30 to 7:30 and then enjoy the tunes until 11 pm, while jamming on the ice. Don’t worry about getting too tired or cold as The Bentway provides plenty of seating and two fire places to providing warmth for both the body and the atmosphere.

Hungry? No problem, the Temptations Foodtruck has an array of tasty meals along with delectable deserts from Annina’s Bakeshop right by the rink. A personal recommendation are the fries which are crunchy yet melt in your mouth at the same time. The Strongbow Lounge provides more seating and fireplaces to enjoy both hot and cold drinks.

Skate rentals are $10 for adults and $5 for children for a two hour period. Lockers are $2 and other skating amenities are provided. So break out of your winter hibernation, come down to The Bentway and Turn it Out with our talented UforChange alumni.

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