Rebels De La Soul: Blurred Minds

Rebels De La Soul: Blurred Minds

Stephanie Caldeira is a UforChange alumni and artist mentor who provides creative hands-on dance lessons and mentorship to our young people. She is part of a dance ensemble called Rebels De La Soul. They are a creative dance group amalgamating various dance styles and self-expression.

Rebels De La Soul, a Toronto bound collective of urban artists, is proud to announce their second edition of BLURRED MINDS this coming May 20th at OCADU (Room 190) at 7PM (100 McCaul St.). They have given UforChange 10 complimentary tickets. If you are a UforChange alumni or affiliated member, please contact by Thursday May 19! 

About Rebels De La Soul:

“Blurred Minds is dedicated to cultivating the urban art scene by showcasing multiple artistic elements. Originally developed to offer reigning and merging artists a stand to share their passion and network with fellow activists in the scene. BLURRED MINDS intends to fuel the community’s creativity and continued profession throughout the arts.”

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