Field Trip: Aurora Winter Festival

Field Trip: Aurora Winter Festival

Two words that will never fail to entice students: field trip. Earlier this month, the photography class suited up and ventured out to the Aurora Winter Festival to give night photography a shot. Guided by our enthusiastic Artist Mentor Trevor Godinho, we explored the transformed CNE grounds. Dazzling string lights, glowing art installations, and carnival rides, oh my!

We set out to photograph the ethereal beauty of the festival and were quickly swept up in our surroundings. Luminous tunnels provided the perfect opportunity for portraiture. An array of oversized lawn ornaments presented a new challenge as lights became more than just a tool to produce a crisp image; lights were the subject of a lot of our shots. This was certainly a different ball game than photographing still, solid subjects as we had in previous workshops.

The cherry on top of it all was the skating rink, a prime spot to capture candid moments between groups of friends and families. The desire to preserve real, beautiful, and authentic moments burned brightly in our frostbitten little hearts. By the end of the day, we had become a part of the picturesque scene. It was a lovely, refreshing experience.

Words: Alisa

Photography: Elachika