Cycle 12 Orientation: Creative Challenge

Cycle 12 Orientation: Creative Challenge

Cycle 12 has officially begun!

We kicked off Cycle 12 with orientation that took place on Saturday September 10, 2016 in the UforChange space. The young people enrolled for Cycle 12 were extremely enthusiastic and ready to head full throttle into the program to gain as much knowledge as they can in their respective arts!

They got to meet their peers, staff and their artist mentors who are going to help them become the artist they aspire.

During orientation, we gave our young people a Creative Challenge. The Creative Challenge was to visit organizations in Regent Park to discover all the amazing facilities that are available to them. These included: Regent Park Aquatic Centre, Regent Park Athletic Grounds, Regent Park Community Health Centre and the Regent Park Community Centre. They broke up into groups and had to pose in front of their location and take a creative photo!

The winner is RED! Congratulations to Andrea, Marie, Maureen, Sarah, Natalie, Whitney, Anastasia, Neshea and Samantha! They were assigned to the Regent Park Community Centre where there’s a gym, employment centre and a rock climbing wall.

This group won tickets to the AGO and TIFF!

More photos coming soon!

Here are the runner ups: