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Not offered


Do you want to create compelling films?

The film classes will teach you how to create films using both production and post-production techniques. In addition, you will learn about how to use DSLR cameras and programs such as Final Cut Pro. Most importantly, you will learn how to work with a team in creating a short film.

  • A family of creative young people
  • Established guest speakers in the field
  • Field trips related to Film & Video
  • Support in reaching higher education
  • A launchpad into a creative or entrepreneurial career

Program Update

UforChange is not offering our film program in Cycle 13.  This does not mean that youth miss out on the opportunity to learn new skills in Film.  UforChange offers film technique classes in our workshops in the 6ix series and other community workshop collaborations. Stay posted for any announcements through our blogposts and social media pages.

UforChange has a great partnership with Black Belt Productions that gives our students the ongoing support and paid opportunities to drive their goals and aspirations in film. They give UforChange alumni the chance to obtain experience in production and post production skills in the film industry.

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Interested in Film?

Workshops in the 6ix offers diverse and rich workshops for film, fashion, photography and djing. Stay connected through our blog updates!