UforChange ANNKM Fashion Program


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Fashion Design

From Sep, Wednesday: 6 pm – 9 pm

8 months

September 2022

Do you want to design your own clothes?

In fashion, you will get to explore various subjects relating to design. You will start off learning the basics of pattern drafting and garment sewing. In addition, you will develop the ability to coordinate fashion shows, style garments and dress models. Your artist mentor will also provide you with an inside look into the business side of the fashion industry.

  • A family of creative young people
  • Support in reaching higher education
  • Field trips related to fashion
  • Established guest speakers in the field
  • A launchpad into a creative or entrepreneurial career

Fashion Design Mentor

Ann Kaplan Mulholland

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Michael Zoffranieri’s foray into fashion began with a hand-sewn owl pin cushion. Soon after, he had the opportunity to apprentice at David Dixon. After graduating from Ryerson university’s renowned School of Fashion in 2016, ZOFF began its journey. Shortly after, ZOFF received the Suzanne Rogers Award for Most Promising New Label of 2017 during Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels competition. Working with clients across Canada, creating special moments with fashion as the medium: Michael Zoffranieri’s mission is about making people feel their absolute best in their bodies. For over 10 years, ‘Art is Movement’ has been his guiding mantra. It is Michael’s belief that everyone deserves to be art.

With the recent collaboration of UforChange with Ann Kaplan Mulholland’s ANNKM Fashion Line, our Fashion Design program is now launched as UforChange ANNKM Fashion Program. The program is a platform for marginalized youth to realize their fashion goals and dreams by being guided by the best in the fashion industry.  This vision encourages the creation of avant-garde, fashion-neutral styles that can be embraced by all genders, races, and sizes, along with environmental mindfulness and sustainability.

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How to Apply

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