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Fashion Design


8 months

September 2021

Do you want to design your own clothes?

In fashion, you will get to explore various subjects relating to design. You will start off learning the basics of pattern drafting and garment sewing. In addition, you will develop the ability to coordinate fashion shows, style garments and dress models. Your artist mentor will also provide you with an inside look into the business side of the fashion industry.

  • A family of creative young people
  • Support in reaching higher education
  • Field trips related to fashion
  • Established guest speakers in the field
  • A launchpad into a creative or entrepreneurial career

Your Fashion Mentor

Christopher Paunil is an actively involved designer, present in every stage of imagining and executing a design. He is most passionate about making beautiful, memorable garments. Working from the age of 14, he has ample experience in many aspects of the fashion industry, from pattern making to uniform and costume design, to teaching in non-profit and educational environments. He is best known for taking client’s ideas and designing for women’s bodies, shapes and is insistent on immaculate fit and construction.

Meet Shadiya

How to Apply

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