Creative Culture. Better World.

A movement of creative Changemakers since 2009

Mission: To mentor young people in the pursuit of their artistic and aspirational passions in an inclusive community.
Vision: Every young person confidently pursues a future rich with opportunity.

UforChange started in 2009 as a response to the increasing need for youth arts programs in the St. James Town neighbourhood. Since then, UforChange has been mentoring young people in the pursuit of their artistic passions through a spectrum of arts programs and workshops. Our programs are unique in the sense that we provide youth not only with foundational skills, but also access to: professional mentors, industry volunteer and employment opportunities, a sense of community, education support, and more. Initially serving young people from St. James Town, UforChange has grown to serve Regent Park and the Greater Toronto Area.



Cycles and counting


Impacted Young People


Opportunities created through education, volunteerism and internships

The Creative Culture Studio

The UforChange studio is a hub where creativity comes to life and where our dynamic classes are held. We also host an array of creative events, are home to a family of creative entrepreneurs and welcome young people to work on their own personal projects. At the core of the studio, it is there for you to learn, grow and master your art.

The studio is equipped with the right tools to help you achieve your creative goals, we provide:

Apple computers
Cameras and film set equipment
Sewing machines and mannequins
Space to network and create
DJ Equipment
Post-production software


Everything at UforChange begins with family, and we’re excited to welcome you to our amazing crew. Your well-being is the most important thing to us, and we go above and beyond to make sure that you succeed by providing a continued investment in your personal and professional endeavours. Everything we provide will give you the drive to create, learn and grow. We also help you with the tough questions and the big decisions in your life. Click below to meet our passionate and supportive team.



14 cycles later, our family of alumni are making creative waves around the world.
Check out how UforChange impacted them.


This is the world of UforChange through the eyes of Congson, Laura and Stephanie. UforChange is a family and this is our story