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A Note from Julia

In 2011 a friend told me about UforChange. A youth arts charity they said, that was looking for a social media intern. After doing a quick online search, I fell in love and was so nervous for my interview. I joined the UforChange family in the middle of Cycle 3, wiggled my way into helping plan Vivacity. Coming from an immigrant family, exploring the arts was not really an option. At 22, I would have never thought that seven years later I would become the Executive Director. However, being part of the UforChange family has provided me with the same mentorship that we provide the youth. Personally, I have learned how to better express myself through the arts and being exposed to such a creative culture has allowed me create a social impact. This adventure of self discovery has allowed me to reach my goal of leading an arts organization. Being the Executive Director of UforChange is my dream come true.

My journey at UforChange has been a rollercoaster of all sorts, but can you guess the one element that has kept me loyal? If you have met me this will be an easy answer, it’s the youth. I have seen many youth come into the program and transform their true passions into a reality. Watching youth join the program, stay engaged as alumni, graduate post-secondary education and find a job in the creative sector is truly a special experience. I want to thank you for donating to UforChange yesterday, today and in the future. So many youth living in our great city of Toronto have a difficult time finding safe and encouraging space to explore their creative passions and make a living off that. Together we can continue to support the future.

Executive Director,

Julia Girmenia

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Our Donors

At UforChange we offer 8-month programs in Fashion, Film, DJ and photography. The crafting and execution of our Core Arts Programs requires a combination of skills and technical components, including: a selection of well-connected and knowledgeable industry mentors, a creative space where our young people feel comfortable in addition to desktops, DSLR cameras, DJ controllers and Adobe Software in order to execute our courses. Besides our Core Arts Programs, we also offer Workshops in the 6ix, which provides youth unable to commit to our 8-month program with short-term high-impact workshops in a variety of topics such as business in the arts, graphic design, and theatre, among others. Currently, we are seeking funding for our Core Arts Programs and Workshops in the 6ix in addition to introducing a new all female-identifying Graphic and Web Design program.

Friends of UforChange ($25-$999)

Ali and Friends
Audrey Ramsay
Chalo Hancock
Richard J.

Creative Culture Sponsors ($1,000+)

Black Belt Productions Inc.
Bill Morneau & Nancy McCain
Josh Hellyer
The Daniels Corporation
The Lawson Foundation
More Facts


We measure our success based on the number of youth we serve a year, in comparison to our internal targets, and the impact our programs have on them. According to our third party evaluators, Mendicant Group, UforChange is extremely successful at providing youth with professionally applicable skills and in fostering mentor-mentee relations as well as fostering personal and professional growth through both our Core Arts Programs and workshops. For more information on our achievements, please download our Annual Reports and third party evaluation by the Mendicant Group located on the ‘Impact page’.


Year round, we have multiple events not only open to our youth but also the Regent Park community where you may volunteer. However, we would like to invite people to engage and volunteer at our largest event, Vivacity, which is our annual multimedia showcase where our youth have the opportunity to show the artistic skills they have acquired during the 8-month cycle to an audience of 200 people. This event is held at the end of the Cycle in the month of May. Additionally, UforChange is transitioning towards becoming an organization ran by volunteers. That being said, you may volunteer at our organization in a variety of roles such as: administrative support, event planning, graphic design, etc. If you are interested in volunteering at our space or in any of our events please email us at

How does UforChange use this funding?

In 2015-2016 (year end March 31st, 2016) 86% of our funding was allocated towards program expenses, 11% was spent on management and administration and the remaining 3% was associated to amortization. For more information on our revenues and expenses please download our financial statements under the ‘Impact’.  

How I do receive copies of your program reports and financial statements?

All our Annual Reports and financial statements are available for download to the public under our ‘Impact’ section.

How do I donate to UforChange?

If you would like to help UforChange fuel the next generation of creatives, please make a donation to our organization via Canada Helps by clicking in the link below:

How do I volunteer at UforChange?

You may volunteer at UforChange in different ways:

  • Become a mentor for one of our youth – As part of our mission, we seek to match young people with mentors who can guide them in both their personal and professional endeavours. Help us fuel the next generation of young creatives by becoming a mentor!
  • Become a guest speaker for one of our Business Labs – Our new Core Arts Program component seeks to teach youth the basics on entrepreneurship and business as well as any industry related knowledge. Share your knowledge with our young people by becoming a guest speaker!
  • Volunteer at Vivacity – Vivacity is our annual multimedia showcase where our youth have the opportunity to show the artistic skills they have acquired during the 8-month cycle to an audience of 200 people. This event is held at the end of the Cycle in the month of May.

If you are interested in volunteering at Vivacity 2018, becoming a mentor or guest speaker please email us at