Charlotte Bruus Christensen visit’s UforChange!

Charlotte Bruus

06 Feb Charlotte Bruus Christensen visit’s UforChange!

We have been able to secure Charlotte Bruus Christensen to come speak during the UforChange film class on Monday, February 6th. She is best known for her work on “Fences” with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, and “The Girl on the Train” with Emily Hunt.  “Fences” has been receiving many awards and accolades this awards season and is up for a few Oscars at the upcoming Academy Awards.
Christopher Paunil Designs has had the privilege of dressing Charlotte for two red carpet events and she wanted to give back to UforChange.  She is super cool and super down-to-earth, which we really love about her.  She’s quickly becoming a powerhouse in Hollywood and has so many great upcoming projects, and we will all benefit from listening to her speak.
Cycle 12 and alumni are welcome to attend. Please arrive at UforChange at 6PM>
Here is her IMDB for her full list of credits: